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VOTING DAY: Everything you need to know in one spot

Interviews, Q&As, info on how to vote, stories on the issues and candidate bios all in one place.

Trying to decide who to vote for, but can’t find all the information in one place? Well, we’ve conducted most of what we’ve done here.

Stay tuned. We will be updating this central hub of information over the coming days, including with info linked to school trustee race.

Latest news stories

You can find the latest breaking news stories at, by clicking the “ELECTION” button at the top of this site, or just by clicking here.

On Oct. 20, go straight to for all the latest, including live updates of local results.

How to vote

Find the basics on how to vote in Abbotsford here

Mayoral candidate video interviews:

Nadine Snow

Trevor Eros

Moe Gill

Eric Nyvall

Gerda Peachey

Henry Braun

We asked, they responded:

What can be done to give voice to those who feel unheard?

What parks, recreational or culture amenity should get more money?

What one capital project should be prioritized?

How would you address the lack of affordable housing for families?

Mayoral candidates on public safety

Candidates’ top-three priorities

If you had five minutes with Justin Trudeau, what would you say?

If you had five minutes with John Horgan, what would you say?

Twenty-three simple questions for 24 candidates:

Agree/disagree - Candidates asked their thoughts on 23 statements about the city, local issues and governing philosophy.

Social media

Links to each council and mayor candidates’ social media accounts and websites

Does this group of candidates accurately reflect the voting public?

We ran the numbers.

Latest stories on the issues

Mayoral all-candidates meeting play-by-play:

Braun/Gill accusations and relationship: Aug. 13; Aug. 30; Sept. 22; Oct. 6

Ledgeview Club house: Sept. 7; Sept. 10; Sept. 11

Canucks farm team to Abby?: Oct. 12

Baseball fields: Sept. 19

SOGI endorsements/pride flag: Oct. 15

We spoke to members of Drug War Survivors about the election.

Here are some of the issues important to them.

Candidate announcements/bios


COUNCILLOR - Banman, Bruce

COUNCILLOR - Barkman, Les

COUNCILLOR - Blue, Sandy

COUNCILLOR - Chahal, Kelly

COUNCILLOR - Dimanno, Vince

COUNCILLOR - Falk, Brenda

COUNCILLOR - Flavelle, Aird

COUNCILLOR - Jongsma, Harvey

COUNCILLOR - Loewen, Dave

COUNCILLOR - Manocha, Harry

COUNCILLOR - Redekopp, Paul

COUNCILLOR - Reynolds, Josh

COUNCILLOR - Ross, Patricia

COUNCILLOR - Sidhu, Dave

COUNCILLOR - Siemens, Ross

COUNCILLOR - Tilley, Lawrence G


MAYOR - Braun, Henry

MAYOR - Eros, Trevor

MAYOR - Gill, Moe

MAYOR - Nyvall, Eric

MAYOR - Peachey, Gerda

MAYOR - Snow, Nadine


School board:

TRUSTEE - Phil Anderson

TRUSTEE - Mike Battel

TRUSTEE - Krista Cardinal

TRUSTEE -Shelley Godwin

TRUSTEE - Freddy Latham

TRUSTEE - Graham Evan MacDonell

TRUSTEE - Korky Neufeld

TRUSTEE - Raj Patara

TRUSTEE - Rhonda Pauls

TRUSTEE - Stan Petersen

TRUSTEE - Preet S. Rai

TRUSTEE - Kuldeep Singh

TRUSTEE - Heidi Smit-Vinois (No announcement submitted)

TRUSTEE - Kathryn Sobko

TRUSTEE - Earl Storey

TRUSTEE - Jared White

TRUSTEE - Shirley Wilson

Abbotsford teachers’ endorsement: Oct. 17

Abbotsford ParentsFIRST rebrand: Sept. 27

Who are Abbotsford’s 17 school board candidates?

Here’s what you need to know.

Abbotsford school board all-candidates forum: Oct. 16

There’s been some questions and confusion surrounding SOGI.

Here’s some answers.

We asked all 17 candidates if they agree or disagree with 10 statements.

Here’s how they answered.

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