Flavelle to run for council

Flavelle to run for council

Frequent Abbotsford council observer seeking his own seat

Local entrepreneur and volunteer Aird Flavelle is again running for a seat on Abbotsford council.

Flavelle founded MSA Computer, and has served on a number of local boards and volunteered around the city.

Flavelle is Abbotsford’s most-frequent citizen observer of council, and has rarely missed a meeting over the last 10 years. He also attends all of council’s citizen advisory committees, as well as police board meetings.

In a news release announcing his candidacy last week, Flavelle said that, if elected, he will push for the city to focus more on housing, transit, parks and attracting high-tech companies.

“Abbotsford needs to look at attracting companies in the new, high-tech economy, focusing on trends such as increasing automation and technological innovation,” he said in the release.

He also said the city could move faster to address Abbotsford’s local rental vacancy rate, and that transportation options for youth and seniors should be expanded.

Flavelle has run for office in each of the past three elections. He claimed 2,000 votes in the 2014 municipal election, finishing 28th of 30 candidates.

He has also run for provincial office under the Green Party banner.

Seven of the eight current councillors have declared their intention to retain their seat. Coun. Moe Gill, meanwhile, is running for mayor.

Flavelle was the second non-incumbent to announce his bid for council. Dave Sidhu was announced as a candidate under the AbbotsfordFirst banner in April, and Harry Manocha entered the race this week.