Local pro wrestler launches mayoral bid

Local pro wrestler launches mayoral bid

Trevor Eros, who wrestles as ‘That Guy’ Danni Deeds, says he hopes to win over younger voters

A local independent professional wrestler says he is running to be Abbotsford’s next mayor.

Trevor Eros, who runs his own events business while wrestling as “That Guy Danni Deeds,” says he wants to provide a younger, more-approachable voice at city hall.

Eros, who is the former general manager and banquet co-ordinator for Finnegan’s Pub and the Phoenix Ballroom, says his campaign is serious. He’s not avoiding talking about his wrestling experience; the headline of his press release alludes to his “That Guy” wrestling persona.

Eros says his campaign will focus on the insights learned as an “everyday average guy” living in Abbotsford.

“I am a father of two, with children enrolled in our current school system. I use public transit. I have friends with different faiths, orientations and living conditions and respect everyone’s right to have individual opinions.”

Eros, 36, said he hopes to get more people between the ages of 18 and 45 involved in politics.

“I feel that there needs to be someone representing who … is living now in a low-to-middle income, who has kids in the school system, who knows people who are addicted and homeless, who is physically using transit,” he said, noting that most of those currently in politics are older and had different experiences growing up.

Eros is the fifth declared mayoral candidate, following incumbent Mayor Henry Braun, Coun. Moe Gill, community activist Gerda Peachey, and accountant Eric Nyvall.

Braun is 67, Gill and Peachey are in their mid-70s, while Nyvall is also 36.

Asked why he chose to run for the mayor’s seat instead of council, Eros said the pursuit of the city’s top job better suits his open communication style and desire to lead.

He said a mayor’s run will also enable him to have a larger voice during the campaign than a council campaign would, although his announcement doesn’t touch on any specific policies he would like to see enacted.

Although he lacks political experience, Eros says he has entered the race thinking he can win.

“You’ve got to go in, you’ve got to be optimistic about things,” he said. “I think I have as good a chance as any.”

Eros has eschewed the traditional website for a Facebook page and Twitter feed to reach voters.