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Windshield Worries Solved: Your top 6 FAQs answered by the Abbotsford experts

Glass types, ADAS recalibration and costs – your guide to hassle-free windshield repair
“What type of glass is my windshield replaced with?” Is the number one question, that Simon and his team get asked when it comes to windshield repairs.

What kind of glass is used to replace your windshield after a crack? How much can you expect to pay out of pocket for windshield repair and replacement?

Simon Seary, Service Centre Manager at Apple Auto Glass in Abbotsford, answers the top six questions his team hears the most!

1. What type of glass is my windshield replaced with?

This is the most frequently asked question we get,” Seary says. “A common misconception is that we’re using an aftermarket glass, but we’re actually using an OEE or Original Equipment Equivalent glass. In other words, the glass we use is on par with the original glass used by the manufacturer.”

2. Do my cameras need to be recalibrated after a windshield replacement?

“This question is becoming more common all the time, as all new cars are equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and the answer is ‘Yes!’ If we need to replace your windshield you’ll need to have your ADAS system recalibrated. The good news is we can recalibrate 99 per cent of all vehicles right here in the shop and it’s covered by most comprehensive insurance plans in B.C.”

3. How long will the repair or replacement take?

“We know everyone is busy these days, so thankfully we’re pretty quick at what we do while still providing the highest quality of workmanship. A chip repair takes around 60 minutes – this allows time for the adhesives to sufficiently cure, providing the strength and stability to keep you and your passengers safe. Most of our windshield replacements take between three and four hours to complete.”

4. How do I know if my windshield needs a repair or a replacement?

“Generally, if there are more than three chips or cracks, or if the chip is larger than a loonie or longer than a couple of inches, we’ll have to replace the entire windshield,” Seary says.

5. Do I have to make the insurance claim myself?

“We work closely with nearly every insurance company in the province, so no need to worry, just book an appointment and we’ll handle the rest!”

6. How much will my repair or replacement cost?

“Presuming your auto insurance includes glass coverage then a simple chip repair could be free. As for the cost of a windshield replacement, it depends on the vehicle,” Seary says. “The quickest way to know for sure is by giving us a call at 604-854-1232. We just need to know the make, model and year of your car and we can provide you with a quick and easy estimate.”

Apple AutoGlass has been Abbotsford’s trusted local auto glass shop since 1986. Request a quote or book an appointment at, or call 604-854-1232, or simply swing by the shop at 102-32240 South Fraser Way in Abbotsford.

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