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Why you shouldn’t wait until spring to have your windshield crack repaired

When checking off your winter driving checklist, don’t forget your windshield
Did you know Apple Auto Glass technicians can also recalibrate your vehicle’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems? - Photo courtesy of Apple Auto Glass.

With winter tires professionally installed, summer windshield fluid swapped out for a non-freezing variety and a winter safety kit stowed in the trunk, you might be tempted to put off any further vehicle-related chores until the spring but there’s one last thing you should check.

Beyond allowing you a clear view of the road ahead, your windshield also plays a key role in protecting you should an accident occur, explains Duncan Libby from Apple Auto Glass Abbotsford. And with winter driving conditions putting you at greater risk, ignoring a damaged windshield until spring isn’t just procrastination, it’s a gamble with your safety.

Libby explains why you might not want to risk letting that rock chip snowball into a crack this winter.

  • More than a window: The windshield isn’t just some oversized window that lets you see the road. It’s been carefully crafted to protect you in the event of a collision and makes up 30 per cent of vehicle’s structural integrity. A damaged windshield also compromises other safety systems such as your airbags, potentially impeding their deployment and their effectiveness. In other words, if your windshield has a crack you’re putting yourself and your passengers at greater risk of injury or death in the event of an accident.
  • Rock chip to full-fledged crack in record time: Winter temperature changes between day and night are enough to turn that harmless chip into a crack in minutes and a crack not only puts your vehicle’s integrity at risk, they generally require a full windshield replacement rather then just a repair.

As winter knocks on the door, delaying windshield repairs until spring is a risky manoeuvre. Make sure your windshield is winter-ready and repair any chips or cracks before hitting the road.

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