Something was bugging Abbotsford man

Police called to an expected domestic dispute found something completely different on Monday morning.

Something was bugging Abbotsford man

The expression “put a bug in your ear” took on a literal meaning for an Abbotsford man early Monday morning.

Abbotsford Police were called to the central Abbotsford home at about 3 a.m. after neighbours reported hearing yelling and screaming.

Const. Ian MacDonald said officers dispatched to the scene were expecting to encounter a domestic dispute, but they discovered something entirely different when they arrived.

The source of the commotion was a man in his 30s who had been sitting outside on the balmy evening when a bug had flown into his ear.

MacDonald said the man’s girlfriend had inserted a straw in his ear and was attempting to suck out the bug.

He said officers on the scene were understanding of the man’s plight.

“Certainly, we had sympathy for a guy with a bug in his ear.”

The incident ended with the man driving himself to hospital. It is not know what kind of bug was involved.