Abbotsford Police come to senior’s aid

Her emergency? Her key was stuck in her community mailbox.

Abbotsford Police come to senior's aid

It wasn’t a busy day for police in Abbotsford last Saturday afternoon, so when the call came in requesting someone to go to a senior’s aid, two members of the emergency response team (ERT) were available.

The plight of the 88-year-old woman? Her key was stuck in her community mailbox in east Abbotsford, and she didn’t want to walk away and leave it there.

“Help (her) get her mailbox key out of the mailbox,” the dispatcher requested.

The two ERT members came to the woman’s aid, with one successfully removing the key. The other wrote up the report, describing how his fellow officer “utilized his extensive breaching knowledge to extricate the key from the lock without incident.”

Const. Ian MacDonald of the Abbotsford Police acknowledges that it’s not the type of incident that police would normally respond to, but they were happy to come to the woman’s aid.

“She considered it an emergency … and we had some units available,” he laughed.