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While rock chips are an easy fix, they can quickly turn into a costly replacement

Repairing a windshield chip now can save you from pricey replacements down the road
Catching a chip before it turns into a crack is the best way to save money and keep yourself and passengers safe.

Did you know your windshield represents up to 30 per cent of your vehicle’s structural integrity?

While that small rock chip may not seem like a big deal at the moment, it can quickly spread and compromise your safety, especially with winter weather on the horizon. Day to night temperature shifts can be enough to turn a chip into a crack, and a windshield crack cannot be filled.

“Chips can turn into cracks at any time and regardless of how small the chip is, it affects your windshield’s ability to keep you and your passengers safe. Not to mention if a chip turns into a crack while you’re driving, it can impair your visibility, and increase the risk of having an accident in the first place,” says Duncan Libby from Apple AutoGlass Abbotsford.

Windshield chips vs. windshield cracks

  • Chips: Apple AutoGlass uses a patented Glass Medic System to complete windshield chip repairs. This exclusive technique utilizes pressurized, controlled resin injection technology to make your windshield as strong and safe as it was prior to the damage. This process makes chip repairs quick, easy and affordable.

  • Cracks: Once a chip has turned into a crack, a professional windshield replacement is the best way to maintain the structural safety of your vehicle. Apple AutoGlass uses a four part process to remove and replace your windshield without causing further damage and ensuring a perfect fit. We will also recalibrate your Advanced Driver Assistance System to manufacturer specification to ensure your safety on the road

“We wrote the book on auto glass replacements and hold ourselves to the highest standard of care and excellence,” Libby says.

“We developed systems like Ezi-Wire to precisely remove windshields without touching the body of the car, we use a custom, exclusive urethane and primer for a solid bond that’s road-ready in as little as 30 minutes and providing complete confidence once you’re back on the road by only using the highest OE-quality glass and parts.”

Now that winter is here, be sure to get even the smallest chips in your windshield repaired before you find yourself in need of a complete windshield replacement. Book an appointment with Abbotsford’s most trusted, local auto-glass repair shop, serving drivers since 1986, at or call 604-854-1232. Visit the shop at 102-32240 South Fraser Way in Abbotsford.