Abbotsford News readers can now nominate their Heroes in Education.

Abbotsford News readers can now nominate their Heroes in Education.

Nomination deadline looming for Abbotsford Heroes in Education awards

Awards will highlight the excellent efforts being made by educators and support staff this year

The Abbotsford News will once again be highlighting the incredible efforts of seven local educators, in the second annual Heroes in Education special publication.

The publication is dedicated those in education who continue to go above and beyond in their jobs, as schools move through yet another year of pandemic changes.

But we need your help, Abbotsford.

It is time to submit stories about the heroes in your school. We are looking for anyone involved in education in Abbotsford. That can mean teachers, education assistants, bus drivers, coaches, custodial staff, administrators, Aboriginal support workers, club leaders, cafeteria staff, really anyone who you believe has made this difficult period easier for the school community.

We want to hear your stories, whether they are about sports teams, clubs, a way a student was supported in learning, or someone who has made this year just a little more fun.

All we ask is that these people went beyond the call of duty.

Each person chosen to be featured will be involved in a feature artice and photograph that will run in an upcoming edition of The Abbotsford News, which will share the positive story with the whole community.

To nominate your Heroes in Education, send us a story of up to 250 words, explaining why the person you nominated should be featured. Please include your contact information so we can follow up with you and reach out to your nominee.

A small committee will be making decisions soon, but there is still time to send us your information. The deadline is Feb. 1 at 5 p.m. Email your nominations to

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing these stories with Abbotsford.

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