Bateman's Brad Lewis (23) and Dawson Davis(39) team up for the tackle

Bateman's Brad Lewis (23) and Dawson Davis(39) team up for the tackle

Timberwolves all defence in 14-0 loss to Marauders

Robert Bateman Timberwolves fall short to conference rivals in high school football action.

Last week’s offensive production (culminating in a 35-6 result against Samuel Roberts) simply wasn’t to be found by the Robert Bateman Timberwolves today as they were frustrated again and again by the green tide of the Pitt Meadows Marauders. The Timberwolves were chomping at the heels of the Marauders in the standings prior to the match-up, but are now sporting a sedate 2-3 record in the AA Eastern Conference compared to Pitt Meadows’s 4-1.

The game was a little perplexing for a Timberwolves squad that has the offensive weapons to score, but simply couldn’t find a way to bring them into play.  Josh Friskie once again danced between tackles at quarterback until three interceptions in the first half sidelined him for the second.  Running back Austen Zacher ripped a turnover from the arms of an unsuspecting opponent, pulverized Marauder flesh down the middle, and galvanized the Bateman running game, yet all without picking up a single TD. When it mattered, the Pitt Meadows defence stood firm, and the Timberwolves were forced into a stalemate second half already down by 14 points.

The critical play of the game came in the final minutes of the first half, when, after Zacher forced a turnover to set Bateman up for the final drive of the half, the Timberwolves themselves coughed up the ball and Pitt Meadows sprang free for a second touchdown.

“They had a big explosion play at the very end of the half,” said Timberwolves coach Dan Village after the game. “A last second touchdown on a 40 yard bomb, that’ a big play.”

Still Village was proud of his team, and complimented their defensive effort. “We need to work on limiting our mistakes on offense and fine-tuning our plays … but our defence was lights out.  Devin Sidhu and Austen Zacher are kind of our studs at linebacker … those guys are our defensive anchors and the others rally around them.”

The Timberwolves play again at home next Friday against the Earl Marriot Mariners at 3 p.m.