Robert Bateman claims provincial hockey championship

Elgin Park forfeits after dressing ineligible players in championship game.

Robert Bateman’s Tier 2 boys hockey squad were named provincial champions after the victor of the final game, the Elgin Park Orcas, were found to have dressed two ineligible players.

Bateman went undefeated in the lead-up to the final, including a victory over the Orcas, but the final was a blowout, with Elgin Park winning 7-1.

It was later found that two of the Elgin Park players who skated in the final were ineligible and had played junior hockey this season.

Elgin Park decided not to replay the game, and the championship was awarded to Bateman.

Elgin Park teacher Christopher Ellett later tweeted: “Honest mistake. Unfortunate it happened. Fixed and moving on. #LearningExperience #MadeItRight”



Bateman co-coach Jeff Dods said his team earned their banner. The forward trio of Jayden Schubert, Jared Embree and Danny Choi led the way on offence, while Justin Brake anchored the blue line.

Dods, who was joined by Clarke Wismer behind the bench, credited Bateman’s focus throughout the season.

“Years past, we’ve been very undisciplined,” he said. “This year they bought into the business-like approach.”

It’s the first provincial title for the Bateman hockey program after five years.