Lafarge Grand Prix cross country four-race totals

Valley Royals series wraps up for season. Team and Individual results now in.

The Lafarge Cross-Country Grand Prix concluded last Wednesday, wrapping up another successful annual series for the Valley Royals.

Participation was down this season due to September’s teacher’s strike, but the series still drew nearly 400 Grade 4-8 athletes to Clearbrook Park every week.

On the girls side, Chloe Nguyen (MEI) finished first overall at the Grade 4 level, followed by teammate Kaitlyn Bay. The Grade 5 event was won by Emily DeJager (Abbotsford Christian), followed by Allyssa Hutchison (MEI). Abby Gamache (MEI) won the Grade 6 event, followed by Madi Makara (W. A. Fraser). At the Grade 7 level Jaime Misura (unattached) grabbed first place, while Marin Lenz (unattached) placed second. Rachel Mortimer (Chief Dan George) took the Grade 8 title, followed by Cassidy Hutchison (MEI).

On the boys side, Nolan Watrin (Sandy Hill) found Grade 4 glory, while William Nguyen (unattached) placed second. Lockhart MacGregor (Auguston Traditional) took the Grade 5 title ahead of Gurshan Gill (King Traditional). Josh Carsience (MEI Middle) finished first at the

Grade 6 level, followed by James DeJager (Abbotsford Christian). The Grade 7 event was won by Ian Wegner (Clayburn Middle), followed by Kai Mackenzie (Chief Dan George). Reid Johnston (Abbotsford Middle) grabbed Grade 8 honours, while Parker Wakelyn (W.A. Fraser) placed second.

MEI took the Grade 4, 5, and 7 girls team events, as well as the Grade 4 5, 7, and 8 boys team events. W. A. Fraser placed first at the Grade 6 boys level, while Abbotsford Christian found victory for Grade 6 girls. Chief Dan George won the Grade 8 girls competition.

Check out full results here.


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