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PODCAST: B.C. singer Cameron Whitcomb’s ‘American Idol’ journey

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Host Peter McCully chats with singer Cameron Whitcomb, who recently made it to the top 20 on the TV show American Idol. He talks about growing up in Nanaimo, working in Kamloops and the experience of being a contestant on the show.

Cameron’s audition for the 20th season of American Idol was in Texas.

“I just felt like I was watching musicians that had been doing it their entire life get turned away, right away, so I thought I didn’t have a chance,” said Whitcomb. “I actually had this conversation with this guy from Alabama. He was like, ‘man, I promise you, those judges are the same as us, man. They put their pants on the same way we do’. It just seemed like he was fearless. He was like, ‘it does not change anything what those judges think of me.’”

Today in BC asked Cameron about his music selections for the competition.

“I’m really open to hearing what other people listen to,” he said. “I just really love finding new music. That’s where a lot of it came from. My grandma sent me songs, I think my mom picked out the song I was singing in Hawaii, Bad Moon Rising by CCR.”

Whitcomb shares the story of his famous backflips and his brother’s ‘Idol’ tattoo.

We’ll also hear Cameron’s performance of If it Hadn’t Been for Love by the Steel Drivers while competing in Hawaii.

(If it Hadn’t Been for Love/The Steel Drivers)

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