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Writer misses the point of an education

I am writing in response to a letter in regard to the Abbotsford School District considering more Punjabi classes in schools.

I am writing in response to a letter in regard to the Abbotsford School District considering more Punjabi classes in schools.

I believe the writer is wholly missing the point of an education. For many years the district has offered classes in German, Spanish and Japanese, which are also not the official languages of Canada. These apparently do not draw the same attention.

The benefits of learning another language are not exclusive to any particular language. I am thrilled to hear that the school district is making education in another language as relevant as possible to the students they are trying to educate.

I remember my days of slogging through French class, not knowing if I would ever talk to another person who spoke the language, and at the time wondered what the point of the class was.

By providing the opportunity (which by the way is open to all students in those schools that offer it), the Abbotsford School District is recognizing the relevance of Punjabi to a community wherein this language is used daily.

What a wonderful opportunity for students to practise their new skills with their friends and their families. I am delighted at the prospect of the school district giving more students the opportunity to get to know the language and culture of the people in their community.

Elissa Poh