Put yourself in shoes of those less fortunate

In a city with so many churches, you would think there would be more help for those less fortunate.

In a city where residents say they are generous and caring, and with so many churches, you would think there would be more help for those less fortunate.

The closing of the Warm Zone will only do one thing – ensure those who are using the services there have one less place to go or possibly nowhere to go at all.

Add to this the recent debate over panhandling, it seems Abbotsford isn’t really the place to be if you happen to be one of its less fortunate residents.

While there was letter after letter earlier this year about the Taboo show and lingerie football, there seems to be almost near silence when it comes to things such as services for the low income residents being cut.

Do the residents of Abbotsford really care more about some sex show or lingerie football than about those who have no home, are poor, have mental health issues, etc?

I am aware many have this idea that everyone who is homeless, poor, on assistance, etc., are just lazy and don’t want a job, or use drugs. Let me tell you this, the person writing this letter is on assistance, but yet if I were to walk down the street you would never guess I wasn’t working, and I certainly don’t use drugs.

Yet I still hear this near daily from various people in the community when I am out doing my daily routines.

Even if someone may happen to be using drugs and is homeless, shouldn’t we still help them?

Ignoring the issues and cutting services hurts everyone and the money saved isn’t worth the cost to the community, the individuals affected, and the increased use of services such as the hospital.

Just try and put yourself in the shoes of those who are less fortunate and see the world from their perspective.

Justin Smith