Problems with memorial tree

Deciding to put memorial trees in Mill Lake Park could become a problem in future

The News of Oct. 6/11 published a letter that I wrote pertaining to the “memorial tree.”

As I understand it, they wanted to have it placed in Mill Lake Park. Definitely it’s a wonderful idea, but it might cause a problem. Why? Because maybe in the future the relatives of other casualties of traffic accidents, fires, earthquakes, drownings, etc. may want their loved ones also remembered by something in Mill Lake Park.

I sent a copy of that letter to both the mayor and head of parks.

Now I heard from parks, but no mention of what I stated. I also received a letter Feb. 14 from mayor and council, but nothing about my concern.

The only statement was that Mill Lake Park was more suitable because it was bigger and could hold a larger crowd.

Wake up, Abbotsford. Does it take a 93-year-old to see what’s happening in our city?

Ernie Poignant