Plan B for water shoved down our throats

Here we go again. Just three years ago we had something called Plan A shoved down our throats, and look at how well that Plan A joke has worked out.

Now we are going to have this water issue shoved down our throats.

I remember going to the Plan A forums and being told we don’t want naysayers here. Will the same thing happen with this water campaign?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t we, the taxpayers, paying for this water campaign just like we did for the Plan A campaign? Why do we have to pay for something that most of us don’t want?

Where did the city get $200,000 for this campaign? Out of my pocket and yours, I thought the city was broke.

I don’t know about you, but my wallet is drying up faster than the city says its water wells are. When you have to spend this much money on water, someone again at city hall is dropping the ball. How do you come up with the year of 2016 as the date we will have no water? Stop scaring people into voting yes for this Plan B water campaign.

Abbotsford is only a city of around 130,000 people – why do we need to spend this much money on water?

We are paying too much for taxes and all else for a small city as it goes.

Put a hose into the Fraser river – there is plenty of water there.

I just got my new water bill in the mail with a scare tactic brochure in it.

It will go in the same place I put the Plan A brochure I got years ago, in the bottom of my bird cage.

Then, who came up with the referendum question? Why so long? Can’t you just ask do you want to pay for the new water supply to Stave Lake? Yes or no. Who got paid thousands of dollars to come up with a quarter-page question?

Rick Fladager