Pension hypocrisy

Open letter to Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development.

Open letter to Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development.

I received your silly letter regarding the OAS, and, being already retired, I guess you thought it was just something I would dump in the trash.

Well, you got it wrong and you will find that, as more people reach retirement age, they will make sure to hold your government responsible.

Your credibility to dabble in this particular program is, if possible, below zero. You propose to make cosmetic changes only to your own gold plated pension – and they will still be gold plated after the miniscule changes proposed.

You are feathering your own nests very well, in a way you would never grant to the people who work for you and make you look good to the public.

You are total idiots if you think any really intelligent, informed persons will swallow your bafflegab.

I had to work for 35 years and contribute 7.5 per cent of my gross pay for that time to get the pension I have now. On paper, the government says it was kicking in an equivalent amount. Well, as you know, or should know, at simple bank interest on my contributions over that time, I will be fully funding my own pension unless I live past the age of 78.

You, on the other hand, will use my tax dollars to pay Gilles Duceppe, a man who wants to split up Canada, a whopping $140,000 a year for his life.

You are a pack of self-serving idiots. If you ever truly want the public to support you, the first step would be to accept the pension you enforce on public servants. But, then again, you would never do that, as it would mean you might actually have to work properly for your living.

Failures in life become lawyers. Failed or lazy lawyers, plus anyone with the gift of gab become politicians.

You fool no one and one day, the populace will revolt. Enjoy it while you can.

Robert A. Klassen