Negativity almost impossible to reverse

I support and have contributed to public art in Abbotsford, and I personally collect First Nations art. I am also related to a First Nations artist.However, this specific piece of public art should have been paid for out of the McCallum overpass stimulus project funding, as it has been repeatedly reported by Abbotsford staff and the Abbotsford News to be completed under budget. Obviously, this beautiful and culturally appropriate work of art was commissioned a long time ago. How did the city plan to pay for it when it was commissioned? Which budget was it supposed to come from? The way that this has been contrived as support for the arts by council is an insult to the taxpayers of Abbotsford and the Sto:lo artist.This particular “first” purchase of public art has caused a negative response from taxpayers which will be almost impossible to reverse. What a shame, when we need to be encouraging the community to support the arts for so many great reasons. If council would “get it,” the arts could become an economic driver in Abbotsford, as we have an abundance of exceptional artists. I am also disappointed that the call for interested artists was not done through our long-standing and hard-working Abbotsford Arts Council who, by the way, supported all of Plan A including the Money Pit (aka AESC) on King Road.Lynn Perrin