LETTER: Yes, there is a god

Societal norms devolve, ever darker and downward

Re: ‘Aim for unity’ – Letter from Virginia Waugh, Abbotsford News – April 6

Yes Virginia, there is a god.  Only one God, the creator of all of life, the God of time and eternity, the One who created the heavens and the earth.  God loves us, and offers new life in Jesus, His only Son who died to redeem us from our sins.

Faith in Him is the foundation of Western civilization. The Judeo-Christian worldview paved the way for peace and prosperity, despite the human frailties of those who trust in Him.  He reveals His character and His directions for our lives in the Scriptures.

You want a world devoid of religious instruction in all public schools but that has ramifications because morality and meaning are inextricably woven into our being.  We are not merely skin and bones but deeply spiritual people, made in the image of God.

In my youth there were bad people who would have followed their lusts and hurt others, but for the societal restraints that were the norm.  Men knew there would be severe repercussions if, for example, they molested a child.  Now unspeakable depravity is the norm on the internet and children are more vulnerable than ever.

So for those who want to depose the Lord God in our midst, congratulations.  Now the air waves, television, internet, magazines give us an unfiltered non-stop menu of any and all perversions, to our hearts content.  And so societal norms devolve, ever darker and downward.

Kids can hardly enjoy an innocent childhood.  Parents are terrified to have their little ones out of their sight for fear some pervert might snatch them away, to an unspeakably horrible fate.

Our democratic systems, with a strong Biblical foundation is still a beacon of light for women, children, the poor, the weak, the handicapped.  Consequently millions of the world’s oppressed are desperately trying to find new homes here.

There is a relentless push to eliminate both the Christian and Jewish influence by ‘liberals, and ‘progressives’ in the West, but there is sure no lack of religion.  Note the focus on First Nations, religion, and the frequent Sikh religious festivals that take place on our streets and in our schools.

The Muslim religion boldly declares it’s intention to conquer the entire world for Allah.  We should listen.  In Ontario, despite the emphasis of ‘separation of church and state’, the public schools accommodate Muslim demands for separation of boys and girls.  The Trudeau government talked about setting up prayer rooms at airports so that Muslim refugees would feel at home. No lack of religion in Canada.

And do not confuse atheism for the absence of religion.  Satan is the father of lies and he will eagerly replace the true God in our lives.

There will never be a spiritual void in the human race,  However, sometimes God gives us what we want.  What will our world look like when we convince Him to leave us to our false gods?

Gerda Peachey