LETTER: With award-winning tap water, why buy bottled?

Clearbrook has the best tap water in the world. Why would we choose to drink water from anywhere else?

We win. Again. We have the best tap water in the world (Feb. 27, Clearbrook water best in world). The best. We are the pinnacle of the Western world. We are the envy of every Third World nation on Earth. And yet, we still drink bottled water.

Why would we, with the most pure and uncontaminated water, choose to drink water from anywhere else? The facts are not new. In 2009, 23% of British Columbians received more than 75% of their water from bottles. There has been a push in the past several years for First World countries to lower consumption of bottled water. However, usage of bottled water has only increased.

Public misconception is a leading cause. Marketing has focused on how “pure” and “clean” bottled water is compared to “plain” tap water. As if tap water is for showers, washing machines, and cooking while bottled water is for drinking. This thought process is resulting in an increase in plastic bottle manufacturing, which is detrimental to the environment.

Water bottles are not only misguided and appalling for the environment, they also cost money. Lots of money. In an age of belt-tightening and smart monetary decisions in the home, why would a family or individual spend a considerable amount of money on a commodity that can be delivered inside your home for a fraction of the cost? And yes, if they would like water on the go, by all means, many stores sell durable, long-lasting water bottles.

As Abbotsfordians, we must proudly throw out our bottled water and drink the best water in the world – the water from our own taps.

Raymond Kobes