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LETTER: Thank you to Mayor Banman

Outgoing Abbotsford mayor Bruce Banman has "served this city very well"


Candidates who lose elections tend to fade away. In the case of our current mayor, Bruce Banman, that is a pity. He has much to offer. He should be on council.

Mayor Banman has served this city very well. In dealing with the hockey contract, hiring an outstanding city manager, reducing senior staff, reducing various permit application waiting times, holding taxation in line, and in various other matters he has served Abbotsford well. Of course, he could not solve all of the city’s problems.

Some decades ago, when two not very impressive party leaders were candidates for the US presidency, one witty commentator observed that American voters faced “the evil of two lessers”.

On Nov. 15, Abbotsford voters faced “the blessing of two greaters”.  Only one could win. A very competent and good man won. I wish him much success. I am optimistic that he will do very well. A very fine and good mayor did not win. I also wish Mayor Banman much success in his future ventures. Thank you, Bruce! This city is much indebted to you. You will be greatly missed.


John H. Redekop, Abbotsford