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LETTER: Some really great people in the world

I pulled up to the drive-through window to find out my coffee was free

This letter is directed to the lovely young fellow in the silver car that paid for my purchase at the Mt. Lehman Starbucks Thursday morning (July 30) just before 8:00. I wish I could have caught up to you to thank you in person!

I’m sure this type of anonymous generosity happens a lot, but you need to know that I had just come off the freeway, after a frustrating encounter with a disrespectful and rude driver who passed me, only to cut back in front of me forcing me and those behind me, to slam on the breaks so she could take the next exit. Then, with the nerve of an aching tooth, she glared at me in her rear view mirror, shaking her head like I had done something wrong. Needless to say, it put me in somewhat of a bad mood first thing. I try to shake off those bad experiences so that it doesn’t set the tone for the day, but I was still grumbling to myself about the incident as I pulled up to the drive-through window to find out my coffee was free!!

With your kind gesture, you reminded me that there are some really great people in the world that do things just because it makes them feel good. I was then able to laugh at the ridiculousness of being so upset at the other driver's bad behaviour and let it go. And just so you know, I was also picking up coffee for a co-worker, so you set the tone for not just one person’s day, but two!!

Thank you again and you can be sure that I will be paying it forward!

Arlene Thygesen