LETTER: Smells like asphalt

McCallum development: The visual blight of another huge parking lot.

Is Abbotsford really that happy with mall culture? Do malls make liveable neighbourhoods? Is that what Abbotsford really wants and is willing to skew zoning laws to achieve it? Are there not better ideas for the ?university district? or Abbotsford in general?

I might be in favour of it if it was put underground so I didn’t have to look at the visual blight of another huge parking lot. 600-plus stalls? What is a carbon footprint? Who really cares about that? Why not use the aborted Target site if you really need to satisfy that need?

Look at the bottom end of Montrose Street, the two-block award-winning section of Abbotsford. Why can that town planning model or something similar and modern not be realized? Why not think different and strive for something like that and have that define Abbotsford?

Another mall? Smells like asphalt to me.

G. Maurer