LETTER: Secular monopoly on information given to children

The Bible has been a key to many of the greatest works of literature

Re: Atheist group calls for end to Bible distribution in schools The News, April 1.

The BC Humanist Association wants to protect the secularist monopoly on information given to children. Already, they’re offered a one-sided presentation of only the atheist perspective on the origin of life and species—in spite of glaring holes in neo-Darwinist theory, that cannot explain the origin of life from non-living matter (a phenomenon never observed in nature, and disproved by Louis Pasteur’s research 159 years ago); or the fact that development of new organs always requires new genetic information—which has never been observed to arise spontaneously.

The BCHA’s bigoted drive to cut off students’ access to Bibles will also cut them off from much of their own culture, law and democratic government. In 1215, Magna Carta established that there’s a law even the Crown must obey—and it’s found in the Bible. That was the beginning of our democratic form of government. The Bible also establishes that all people stand equal before the law.

The Bible has been a key to many of the greatest works of literature – in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and more. Without knowing Bible stories, how will students understand references to “a David and Goliath struggle”? Or the teaching “Love your neighbor as yourself”? Or “The golden rule?”

A generation unable to comprehend art prior to Katy Perry and Beyoncé will be getting a shallow education, indeed.

Ron Gray