LETTER: Putting religious beliefs ahead of reason

Bible doesn't give the right to discriminate against individuals and groups

Apparently Richard Peachey wants city hall to respect his right to decide what is moral and what is not. He fails to understand that being gay is not a moral issue any more than being born with blue eyes is a moral issue. It is just what it is.

If he truly wants to find immorality, then I suggest he reads his own Bible and not just those bits and pieces that fit his own beliefs. It has been said that not reading the Bible is the best way to believe it, and you never have to admit to the ethnic cleansing, murder, slavery, human sacrifice, hatred, violence, misogyny – all and much more done in God`s name.

But that shouldn`t be surprising, as gods are well known for simply reflecting the mindset of the men who created them in the first place. In the case of the god of the Old Testament, it was patriarchal sheepherders totally concerned with acquiring land and women. Their ideas and their god with anger management issues have nothing to offer in the way of guidance for appropriate behaviour in any modern society.

I have to feel sorry for those who are so at odds with the modern world that they can still claim that the Bible gives them any right to discriminate against individuals or groups, as Mr. Peachey has tried to do.

We`re betraying those heroes of the enlightenment who broke the stranglehold on human progress by not staring down those who try to defend the immorality of the Bible by denying human rights and equality. And we’re doing it by putting personal religious beliefs ahead of reason and logic every time the media does not allow critical thinking to apply to anything to do with religion because of political correctness and a misplaced fear of offending.

Robert T. Rock