LETTER: Protect individuals from themselves

We do have a problem with our homeless. Is not the result much of their own doing?

I read with concern the vitriolic Feb. 26 letter written by Steve Timm; “A shill to business association.”

Mayor Bruce Banman took the brunt of his attack. Anyone who is willing to run and serve in political office deserves our thanks and respect whether we agree with their position or not.

We do have a problem with our homeless. Is not the result much of their own doing? Do not many of them refuse help because there are certain rules to follow?

I tend to agree with the business association. They spent a great deal of money up-front to rejuvenate the downtown area.

If a low-barrier housing complex is built in the business area, where will the people with addictions get money for drugs? Me thinks that the businesses in the area would see even more inventory shrinkage than they do now.

Will not many of the potential customers avoid an area where the tenants of a housing project  are not held accountable?

Would not the old hospital site be a suitable location for a housing project of this type, but with rules?

My understanding is that drug-addicted individuals are considered not responsible for their actions and are often unable to look after themselves. Is it possible that if this is the case they should be forced into care, for their own good until such time as they have recovered?

Should not the reactivating of Riverview Hospital be preferred to having individuals suffering out on the streets on their own?

Looking back in time, protecting individuals from themselves may have appeared heartless, but it worked.


Eric Myrholm Abbotsford