LETTER: Private education worth every penny

Family now getting help for kids, above and beyond

We are a family of four children living in Abbotsford.

Two years ago, our children were in the public system and suffering greatly – academically, socially, and emotionally. Two of our children required additional help and were not receiving it.  We have now switched to private and are getting help for our kids, above and beyond, and it is worth every penny! This will be our third year in private school.

We can understand where the public teachers are coming from, as we were in a tough situation. Good public education should be available to everyone. Not everyone can afford private education.

We can also understand that the government budget is tight and cannot fulfill all of the teachers requests. We believe that many job descriptions are struggling financially, not just the teachers. However, we are not willing to sit all “this” out at the cost of our children’s education.

Janna Roukema.