LETTER: Offended by decision to fly flag

As a society we are quickly becoming amoral with no standard of behaviour...

To Mayor Henry Braun and council members:

I am deeply offended and concerned with the decision to fly the deceptively named “Fraser Valley Pride” flag for a week. This flag and the limited number of the public supporting same gives a message that is even more deceptive.  While homosexual activity does occur in our society most religions find it offensive and disgusting and despite the claims that people are “born that way” there is no credible scientific evidence to prove that statement. The behaviour demonstrated at many so-called Pride parades is grossly offensive. The letter written by Richard Peachey as printed in our local paper is absolutely true. With the decision you and your council has made I would ask if you have any moral stance or are you simply afraid to stand for decency.  One could also conclude you have been deceived by the title these people have given to themselves “gay” a word that had real meaning before it was perverted by the homosexual members of society.  Clearly there is no PRIDE in their behaviour or actions and to endorse it by this decision can only be described as disgraceful and disgusting.

It is decisions like this that have resulted in the removal of any Christian influence in our public school system while allowing religious festivals from other religions into the system. As a society we are quickly becoming amoral with no standard of behaviour and no consequences for abhorrent behaviour.

Certainly considering Mayor Braun’s claim and others on council to be Christian I can only wonder where their loyalty lies. The vast majority of the public are looking for a stand for decency and morality whereas your decision in this matter displays no leadership whatever. I would also expect those in charge of our various religious congregations to speak up at this time.

I await your reply and expect this abhorrent decision will be reversed.

Frank Wirrell