LETTER: Not all have such little respect for people

I am a 15-year-old student at Robert Bateman Secondary.  I recently attended a city council meeting on April 4.

I went to hear a discussion on the P3 water decision.

The people who were speaking were completely rude, and I have to say I was disgusted.

I was sitting there quietly, listening to the opinion of other citizens on the P3 decision.

Most of the others, I cannot say did the same.  They were loud and rude, and did not listen respectfully.  They also did not speak respectfully.

I understand that you can speak with emotion, I respect that.

But, yelling at council and his Worship, that is uncalled for.

And, not speaking on the topic just wastes time.  Mayor Peary clearly stated at the beginning that sticking to five minutes each would be helpful to make the meeting go quicker.

The people just revolted, said that was uncalled for.  I disagree, and believe that you shouldn’t waste everyone’s time.

I was very seriously scared that there would be a brawl. I felt that if the council decided on passing it, that the people in the audience would go onto the stage and attack as a mob.

I am embarrassed of those people who spoke out, and said that they represented Abbotsford.

I know, if only me – and I’m sure there are more – that not everyone feels the same.

I have a love for politics, and get offended at people who rag on politicians.

I can see now why people are disgusted by politics. It’s not only their opinions of the politicians, but of how people react, and are flat out rude.

I would never speak or act the way my fellow citizens did.

I wanted to go up and speak, and let the council know that the people speaking were a minority in our community, not a majority.  I was embarrassed to be associated with those people.

I would like to end with saying not all of us have such little respect for people.

I wish to apologize for those particular citizens – we are not all like that.

Victoria McMillan