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LETTER: Nobody cares about animals' stress

Knowing animals are going to be killed is just horrifying

I am an animal activist.

I love taking care of animals and pampering animal babies without mothers. Even though I'm just 11 years old I am proud of myself for taking such matters into my own hands.

The other day one of my teachers from elementary school took me to Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary, and I was so pleased to see beautiful animals rescued  from slaughter houses and abusive farms.

I learned a lot from this trip and hope to come back. Behind this, all I really want to say is please don't harm an animal. They have a heart too, and just looking at chickens, pigs, cows, and so many other animals knowing that they're going to be killed is so horrifying.

I know what you're thinking; she's just a little kid, she doesn't know what she's talking about. How can I see the fear in the eyes of innocent animals being slaughtered for food and money? They are beings and they are hopeless. Why don't we have funerals for animals? Oh right, because you can't forget that "special dinner" on Thanksgiving. You need to have that turkey on your plate.

All the people who slaughter the animals just need money. For animals, nobody cares about the trouble and stress going on in their minds, so please understand what it's like being kept in tight cages and never seeing the sunlight.

I visited the Abbotsford Agrifair where I witnessed how the horses, pigs, ducks, and I'm sure so many more animals, were being used. One of the horses was hurting him/herself by banging on the gate and after decades someone came to rescue him/her until they put the horse in another cage where he/she was hopeless. The pig and duck races were intolerable, how the animals were first forced to wait nervously in cages then let out to hurt one another trying to win an unnecessary race.

So, please help the voiceless!

Rhea Monga