LETTER: No disposal plans for old bulbs

We need special materials to clean up and dispose of a broken bulb...

Now we will only be able to light our homes with bulbs made with deadly toxins. We will be able to save energy so that in the near future the hydro will be able to increase their profits by raising rates for charging our hybrid and electric cars.

The dangers are very real, how many homes have not broken a light bulb by removing them or even dropping them. How long are you going to keep them around the house before throwing them out somewhere. A short drive down a country road, dropping them in the Tim Horton’s drive through or in the neighbours garbage. I have never had them last a long as advertised.

We need special materials to clean up and dispose of a broken bulb, and what are the chances of that happening? Open the window for 1/2 an hour in all kinds of weather to spread the toxin to the rest of the neighbourhood or through out the house. Apparently there is no disposal plan set up to collect old bulbs. There is more costs and expensive metals and materials involved in the production and disposal, so how are we ending up winners in this insanity?


Thomas Lester


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