LETTER: Moving tent village will only create problems in other areas

It also moves homeless population farther away from the agencies that feed and cloth them

I am against the idea of a cabin and tent village on Valley Road. Moving the group from Cyril Street to Valley Road will not solve any problems, it will simply create new problems in a different area. It also moves them further away from the agencies that feed and cloth them such as the food bank and the salvation army.

Unfortunately I and many other Abbotsford residents have been negatively affected by the behaviour of the squatter population, either by crimes against our properties, garbage strewn about our properties, harassment through panhandling, public drunkenness spectacles and blatant  drug usage. This is why we become NIMBYs and it is unfair to say that our concerns are not legitimate.

On the other hand, ┬áthere is another group of people who are very ardent in their support of the “homeless” people, and seem to be very caring and concerned about them living outside. This is very commendable, and could be the basis for a workable solution to getting people off the street. I suggest each one of these people take a street person into their home and work on getting them back on track.

Granted this solution will take a lot more effort than simply talking and writing letters about it. But my opinion is that if you are not willing to take a street person in then you are also a member of our “not in my back yard” group. If you truly care and want to help a “homeless person”, adopt one.

Jackie Newman