LETTER: Moving homeless from one level of government to another

Not dealing with the problem; merely relocating it

In his letter “A blend of compassion, tough love, and law and order” (March 6/15), John Redekop indicates a desire to both benefit society, and save taxpayer dollars.  I suggest we may benefit by reaching past the low-hanging fruit.

And since I believe in moderation, instead of entirely eliminating anyone’s income, I’d go for knocking off ten per cent a year until :

— federal politicians find a way to respectfully treat physically and psychologically-injured veterans;

— provincial politicians quit with the smoke & mirrors and explain how overall debt can increase when coupled with a “surplus” budget:

— municipal government recognizes that public meetings aren’t just a forum for citizens to “blow off steam”, but that participants actually want to be heard; and

— civil servants complete measureable goals, and taxpayers are seldom burdened by “golden handshakes”.

To borrow futher from Mr. Redekop, moving these folk from one level of government to another does not deal with the problem, it simply relocates it.

— Regina Dalton