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LETTER: Moral obligations to help the homeless are being fulfilled

Opportunities and services a readily available for those in need, says letter-writer


This letter is in response to the letter "Moral obligation to help people in need” published by in the Nov. 16 Abbotsford News.

I fail to see how these vagrants are being deprived of their rights.

Canada's charter guarantees the right to life, liberty, and security, and all Canadian citizens are very fortunate to have access to the tools needed to better their lives.

There are opportunities and services readily available to the squatters at the current "MCC Dignity Village". A few of these  people have chosen to accept these services and are now on their way to recovery. This shows that the people of Abbotsford are fulfilling their moral obligations to people in need.

Unfortunately, there are many others who choose not to take responsibility for their destructive behaviours, and prefer to live on the street where they needn't follow anyone's rules. If these people will not take the steps required in order to help themselves, how can we be ‘morally obliged’ to them? We cannot help someone who does not want to be helped, and we certainly can’t violate that persons rights by locking them up and forcing treatment on them, so our hands are tied.

Any location that these vagrants are moved to will have the same issues as the neighbourhood around the current "MCC Dignity Village", which include theft, drug dealing, public drunkenness, and open drug usage,  just to name a few.

I agree with C. Howard that  we do have a "vagrant terrorist situation" on our hands. Just take a look at the law-abiding citizens who live in the neighbourhood beside the Sally Ann. What about their right to life, liberty and security? The vagrants are most certainly inflicting harm and fear among this segment of the population.

I just hope that, whatever action the City of Abbotsford decides to take,  they don't choose one that further jeopardizes the liberty and security of its lawful tax-paying residents and their families.


Jackie Newman