LETTER: Live within our means

Spending our way into prosperity will create debt almost impossible to pay off

There has been a great deal of discussion during the past few days regarding the federal government surplus for the first six months of the year.The government is being being attacked by many because of posting a surplus during this time.

Would you not expect an honest government to admit to a surplus?

There was a statement made,”Our current Government is under-spending and making cuts to obtain a surplus.”

My understanding is that budget requests are submitted by individual departments to finance to prepare the budget. When Parliament passes the budget, the figures become public. Just because there is an amount in the budget it does not mean that the full amount must be expended.

Hopefully, there is built into the budget figures, funds to cover contingencies, such as emergencies, price increases, program modifications, unforeseen circumstances.

A financially prudent government will closely monitor expenditures and if the requirements are less than the approved amount,the surplus is held for future use?Does this not make sense?

I recall a few years ago, a statement was made by a senior government official “shovelling money off the back of a truck.” Around that time, B.C. became a “have not” province.

Another statement has been made that we will go into a deficit to stimulate our economy. Many years ago I was told by an uncle; “Don’t spend what you don’t have,or have money in the bank to cover, except for a mortgage.”

Our current government has brought us through some tough times, have had problems, but compared to the rest of the world we are doing well. What do we want for our children? Tighten our belts now and living within our “means,” or try to spend our way to prosperity and incur a debt which will be almost impossible to pay off?

Let’s give this some thought.

Eric Myrholm, Abbotsford


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