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LETTER: Letter a poor representation of Christian faith

Bible is a lesson on correcting mistakes and learning from them

Re: Why are we worrying? Oct. 15

This letter is offensive to me as it is a poor representation of my Christian faith, and a poor example for any non-believer too.

Yes, some may say that in the Bible it states that the Earth will be laid to waste, and so it is. This is not the point, because the Bible talks about respect of you neighbours; that means consideration of all actions you take in and around your community, because they effect all of us, Christian or not.

In the Bible it stresses being a good steward of what the Creator has given us, and this includes this beautiful Earth.

Do you go to church Sunday morning to cleanse your soul and spirit, and then take the family for fast food, and on your way home throw the garbage out the window?

So where does the respect come in? I take my family out after church and get to appreciate the garbage that you have dumped out of your car, in the parking lot, the side of the road or somewhere in a park?

I am ashamed of your attitude, forget politics, science or the Bible. Are you really contributing to the community with this view? What are you leaving for your children or your grandchildren, never mind your neighbour.

If that's the way my christian brothers think and feel, then I am no longer associated with that faith and I publicly announce my departure from any association or connection with the so-called Christian community.

I will work with whoever wants to try and correct some of our mistakes that we have made, especially in regards to the condition in which we have left our planet.

The Bible is a lesson on correcting our mistakes and learning from them, try reading it again.

Colin Daniel