LETTER: Legal grow-ops must be monitored

My neighbours are growing marijuana in their basement, legally.

My neighbours are growing marijuana in their basement, legally.

If I had not called the police with my suspicions, and they had not followed up, neither the police authorities nor the city would have known that the house next door is a “legal” grow-op.

Health Canada issues licences to produce marijuana, yet there is no requirement on these individuals to disclose their intent to produce, even if it is taking place in a residential area.

These grow-ops introduce a variety of risks – excess moisture leading to risk of mould, electrical hazards leading to a high risk of fire, exposure to toxic chemicals leading to health risks for surrounding neighbours, and vulnerability to criminal involvement (possible diversion to the illegal market and  home invasions due to  criminals looking for the valuable plants).

These risks are very real but are compounded, however, when there are no strict regulatory processes.

There is no monitoring of whether or not individuals are exceeding their legal plant-producing limit or whether wiring is safe and up to code.

Local authorities can only enter these residences with the owner’s permission or with a warrant; that is, if they know of their existence in the first place.

As a concerned mom and neighbour, I am asking my country and my local authorities to inspect and monitor my neighbour’s home. I want to be assured that we will not become victim to criminal activity or house fire.

Corinne, Abbotsford