LETTER: Know your strata responsibilities

What is a strata corporation? It is you, the owners.

What is a strata corporation? It is you, the owners.

What is a strata council? It is owners, like yourself, who have volunteered to uphold the bylaws and within these ensure that the common property – the buildings and the grounds – are kept in good repair and esthetically pleasing, ensuring that your investment is looked after.

Are you paying attention to how your strata council is doing? I know many owners who do not pay attention to the actions of the strata council, sometimes not even bothering to read the minutes, as long as it doesn’t pertain to themselves.

If you feel it necessary, you may question the actions of the strata council. It is not only your right but your obligation to look after your own interests.

Is the strata council giving special privileges to friends or other council members, maybe disregarding the bylaws?

Does it appear that any one of the council members seem to be acting for their own benefit? All action taken by the strata council should be for the benefit of the owners (the strata corporation).

Should it be necessary, council member/s can be removed at the AGM or a special general meeting by a majority vote of the owners.

Are you aware that you are entitled to request a copy of any document pertaining to the strata corporation by just paying a small fee for the copies?

Do you know that all owners must get a copy of the strata council minutes even if the meeting is not represented by an agent from the strata management company?

This letter is written to ask all the owners within a strata corporation to remember that the building and the common grounds are all part of your home/your investment.

How would you look after your home if it was a detached single house?

Please do not be intimidated by your strata council. It is merely a group of your neighbours trying their best, within the bylaws, to look after the common property for you.

Bodil Frederickson