LETTER: Housing for homeless near downtown is ludicrous

Grossly unfair to the people who worked so hard to upgrade the area

Constructing a 20-unit housing project for homeless men, a low barrier facility where those using drugs will not be turned away, only a few steps away from the hub of the Abbotsford business section is ludicrous to say the least.

Can’t anyone see the big problems arising for the down town business sector with 20 such folks loitering the streets on a daily basis?

I wonder, who on earth could dream up such a conflicting idea to be built only a few steps away from the downtown core? Would any of these bright lights want to entertain such venture in their own front yard on a daily basis?

Building a housing project for the homeless, of course. But seconds away from the Abbotsford core business action is not the place to do that.

It is grossly unfair to the people who worked so hard to upgrade the area and make it an attractive area to go shopping. These folks are trying to make a living and depend on an charming clean business environment.

Most of these non-working, loitering individuals, who have no worry where there monies to live from comes from, could not care in the least.

I cannot imagine having twenty such folks meandering the heart of Abbotsford on a daily basis. It is not an inviting prospect in the least. A few Malls already have closed their doors because of these type of problems. Just how much does it take to learn from the past?

Surely, there must be land available on the outskirts of town?


Gertie Pool,