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LETTER: Government broke the law

Teachers strike is about following the law after Supreme Court decision

Do you support the teachers in their job action? Is the B.C. government right? I’m not a teacher and I have my opinions about this dispute, everyone else will have theirs. But this whole strike shouldn’t be about taking sides. It’s about following the law.

The B.C. government in 2001 broke the law and illegally stripped teacher’s legal binding contracts. Don’t believe it? Ask the Supreme Court of BC and they will tell you they ruled for the provincial government to restore the teacher’s contracts not once, but twice! Did you agree with the teachers contracts back in 2001? Who cares? The B.C. government signed a signed legal contract.

People can argue that teachers get paid too much, public servants get paid too much, hockey players get paid too much, but if any of them break the law will they not get punished like everyone else?

The government broke the law, and they know it. B.C.'s highest court has told them to restore the original contracts.

Regardless of which side you’re on when it comes to this dispute. The law is the law. I want my children, growing up in B.C. to know that the B.C. government should be setting the right example. I don’t want to live in a province where everyone has to follow the law, except for the lawmakers themselves.

Restore the contracts like the court told you too. Stop wasting all our tax dollars with delay tactics, lawyers, negotiators and appeals. Follow the law and move forward from there.

Mason Kealy