LETTER: Get on with it

Another week has gone by with no contract resolution in sight...

Another week has gone by with no contract resolution in sight. Being an  “octogenarian high school drop-out,” I am coming to a bit of a slow boil.

The negotiations for a new educational contract have been at a stalemate far too long.What are these  “highly educated” negotiators doing about problem-solving?

The approach seems to be “there is only one side to the story and it’s mine.”

The first question they should ask themselves is: Do we have a problem? Can we work out a solution? If the answer is yes, get on with it! If no, find individuals who can. The government has its hands tied because of funds available. The teachers should accept a settlement similar to what some of the other public service unions have settled for.

Based on this type of settlement, teachers’ dollar increase will be higher because the percentage is based on a higher salary to start with. Let the students and teachers get on with education and school activites.

What message are we sending to our young people? Conflict solves problems? As I heard so often in my younger days, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Just get on with it!

Eric Myrholm