LETTER: Drivers need to follow road rules

When did it become OK to speed every day?

I enjoy living in Abbotsford. It truly is the City in the Country. Close to lakes, hiking trails and even beaches, border crossings and more, Abbotsford is the very best location to settle and raise a family.

As a person who volunteers for the city, teaches to others, builds careers, works with the public every day, there is a negative trend I believe to see happening. And I would like to simply ask a few questions and address the public.

When did it become OK to speed every day? Driving behind another car, what do we expect from the person in front of us when we tailgate? Isn’t it their insurance premium that we ask them to risk? Their driver’s licence we expect them to put on the table? Isn’t it their car and their life we think they should not care about, just so we can drive faster ourselves?

When did it become OK to cross a double solid line and pass a car, clearly speeding? When did it become OK to not stop at a stop sign and roll over those railway tracks without looking, because we “know better”? Are we really in such a hurry?

As we teach our children, young family members, and preach what is right and what is wrong, why are we not living it? What good is it if we teach manners and tell our kids how to do things in life, when we never show them, never do it ourselves?

If we ask Canada for support and to create laws, so we can all have a better, safer and easier life, what value do those very same laws have if we break them every day? The very same rules we asked for to feel good, safe and protected we now don’t care for.

It is on us to teach, guide and lead our children by setting examples every day, not just talk about them, so future generations can enjoy the same beautiful Abbotsford tomorrow.

Helmut Straner, Abbotsford