LETTER: Don’t paint all students with the same brush

In regards to Leonard Remple letter to the editor in The News

Re: Leonard Remple letter to the editor in the April 26 News.

I wonder where Mr. Remple gets his information about university students today.

I am sure that I am only one of a huge number of parents/grandparents who have a much different view of our university students.

1. Wants include a gym membership to keep healthy and strong or maybe that cool Christmas gift for his grandmother.

2. Works from the end of his school year until a few days before school begins. Last summer, work was poor for weather-related reasons. But didn’t qualify for a guaranteed student loan because he still made too much money. Therefore, again he has to work 30 hours a week while carrying a full course load. Vacation is the drive from home base to work base to university city.

3. This young man receives no financial help from family. Why? He refuses it.

Mr. Remple, take pride in your accomplishments, but never think you and your peers are the only ones to make them. Come down from your perch and meet some struggling university students. Mine has just finished his third year and I am proud to say has more than one summer job offer because of his strong work ethic.

I know there are lots more just like this boy out there who are struggling to make it through university, and, Mr. Remple, they do not deserve your criticism.

Wendy Hildebrandt