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LETTER: Crows systematically eliminating other birds

Hope a call for culling resonates with enough people

(Letter-writer) C. Perry is right to call for a cull on crows. I hope his call for action resonates with enough people to make this happen.

I've watched the crows take off with the baby rufous-sided towhees. One feints an attack and draws the distressed parents away from the nest so another crow can move in for the kill. The parents grieved for hours.

Crows eliminated almost all the baby mourning doves; we barely see robins anymore, and most of the little songbirds are gone.

Of course, other factors contribute to the decline of songbirds, like our asinine use of cosmetic pesticides on all our little postage-stamp yards. But it has been clear for many years that crows systematically are eliminating other birds, even the much larger owls are relentlessly under attack from what C. Perry aptly describes as "flying rats."

Gerda Peachey