LETTER: Crows have an unfair advantage

I totally agree that we need to start culling crows...

Just read the letter from C. Perry in Bradner, and I totally agree that we need to start culling crows.

Not only do they rip garbage bags apart and make a mess, in the last two years we have watched them raid a nest of hummingbirds and kill the babies and destroy robins’ eggs.

They are ruthless predators.

And for people who object by saying this is “nature,” I love nature too, but we have given the crows an unfair advantage by providing them with limitless food supplies.

Experts will tell you that any time an animal or bird has a surplus of food and living is good, they multiply faster. When times are bad, they die off.

I’ve even seen them chase bald eagles away from nests the eagles are trying to build. Time to thin out the population.

Debbie Mendini