LETTER: Climate deniers willing to risk our future

The time for debate has long passed. It is time for action on the environment.

The absolute nonsense that is being peddled by the climate deniers about the proven science of climate change really irked me. The range of tactics these people with opinions not based on facts use is as broad as their understanding of science is appallingly thin.

Climate deniers are willing to risk the future of all of us on their ridiculous theories, conspiracies, propaganda “experts” on the payroll of the fossil fuel industry, quoting other internet trolls like themselves who pass on ill-informed opinions as facts, and, like it or not, those who want to use their evangelical religion as a shield against the reality that our planet is on the brink of a man-made disaster.

The ultra-conservative think tanks, like the Fraser Institute and others funded in part by those lovable Koch Brothers, have done so much damage to the world through their screwed-up ideas on politics, economics, and their attacks on those who want a sustainable future and a viable planet. Their goal to sow doubt on climate change has been done with disastrous effectiveness.

I`m fed up with the lot of the deniers and their ludicrous ideas because they aren’t just innocent opinions on things that they know nothing about. Their anti-science ideas are undercutting those of us who understand that we must move past all the unnecessary noise and doubt that these deniers are creating as a distraction.

If ever there was an enemy of the state (and by extension the planet) it is not the environmentalists, as claimed by our prime minister, but the deniers, including Harper, who reject logic, reason, and all the sciences in favour of pseudoscience, internet troll opinions, and even religion itself. The time for debate has long passed. It is time for action on the environment.

Robert T. Rock