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LETTER: Checking the price at the pump

With the price of crude in a nosedive for months...

OK, I give up.

With the price of crude in a nosedive for months, what possible justification or explanation do the oil companies offer for the insane spikes in the retail price of gasoline?

I’m not aware of any refineries blowing up or any pipelines springing a leak that cut off the crude for refining.

It’s become a weekly tradition (usually on a Wednesday or Thursday) to hike the price anywhere from 8 to 11 cents a litre.

It’s like the stations have all hit a blackjack at the casino.

All that fuel in their tanks that has suddenly jumped in value and the profit margin has exploded.

At least they used to try and offer an excuse (however implausible) for the sudden price jumps and the long drawn out reduction of that same price to where it was previously.

Now it’s clear that this is nothing but blatant profit taking.

While collusion is unwaveringly denied and our government inquiries claim they can’t prove it, you only have to look at the “coincidence” of how different companies miles apart all jump to the same price minutes apart.

Who determines that all the gas prices are going to be exactly the same new higher price at the same time?

It’s a good thing I don’t believe in conspiracy theories.

F. Forshner,  Abbotsford