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LETTER: Care good, food not so good at hospital

Dear Editor,

This is just a short note.  I just want to say that during my brief stay in our new hospital (in August) the nursing care was excellent.  From housekeeping to surgeons, everyone did their best!

Now for the cuisine.  Disgusting!  I was told some of the food is brought in from the prairies and reheated.  They say it's a cost factor; but if 75 per cent of the food is not eaten, now we are losing money.

I thought people came to the hospital to get well!!  The burgers my girlfriend brought in were a life-saver.

Just in closing, yes the staff is excellent.  Many of them walked the extra mile.

Thank you,

Phyllis Harms

p.s. Thank you Dr. Mehin and surgery staff for the good job you did.


About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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