LETTER: Appalled at the attitude of BCTF and government

Strikes and/or lockouts in the public education system should be prohibited

I feel compelled to write concerning the teachers’ strike, and am appalled at the attitude of both the BCTF and the Liberal government.

The head of the BCTF can only be described as a total embarrassment for the teachers as he has shown absolutely no interest in the education of our children, and from the reported demands he is completely unrealistic.

The attitude of the Liberal government shows they are putting their heads in the sand and show no leadership in ensuring the public education system operates as it is supposed to.

It is my view that strikes and/or lockouts in the public education system should be prohibited and disputes of this nature settled by compulsive mediation through an established mediator.  The education of our children should never be subjected to the greed of teachers or governments.  In the present situation the BCTF should show some positive leadership by directing his members to return to work so that students will not be subject to irreparable harm.  His failure to do so can only be described as an embarrassment.  That term also applies to the Provincial Government who seems to willingly sit back and do nothing.  What the government should be doing is seek assistance to resolve the issues either with the cooperation of the BCTF or otherwise.

This matter shows the BCTF should look for a new president and the people in British Columbia should ensure the Liberals are not again re-elected in the next Provincial election.

Frank Wirrell